Monday, February 14, 2011

Project displays RD FORD Home Improvements.

The light is always a little brighter 
when imagination becomes reality!
With over 20 plus years it would take some time to post all the projects. Please enjoy the photos of our work. If you have a question on what else we can do. Asking is just a click away.
Thank you for your visit. RD


Refinishing 18 Century flooring

 New Laminated Flooring

Renewing older homes.
Leveling up ceilings, new sheet rock and costum trim to match the history.

 Sill replacement on a Sun room, new siding install with moisture protection backing and trim.

Costum made fencing.
Love winter but like to keep spring in mind.
If you do the same and like to plan for a new fence we would be more then happy to talk with you.

Thank you
Robert & Debbie Ford

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